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There will always be poor people in the land.  Therefore I command you to be open-handed towards your brothers and towards the poor and needy’

-  Deuteronomy 15 v11.




To thank God for the assistance and work that is being achieved in Tanzania especially where True Vine Trust is supporting.  


For education

• Dedication of the staff that they will have strength and understanding to teach their students.  

• For Agape that the play school will be able to meet the governments requirements for the future.

• Mgutwa sponsorship, by monthly giving, will grow to enable more students to receive their secondary education, and the staff to be able to receive monthly salaries.



 For facilities to be able to educate the women in health and childcare.

•  For more substantial rain to encourage the growth of the crops that have been sown.

•  For the rainfall to be sufficient to maintain the water table.

•  For donation of laboratory consumables such as testing and diagnostic treatment at local village hospitals.



• Funding for the water supply from Mererani to Mgutwa.

• Financial assistance for the construction of Mgutwa complex, especially for solar lighting, completion of the dining hall



To take part in the community life of Mgutwa and Agape, and also to experience the culture and friendship of local peoples.



• For Reverand Kedmon Mlemeta as he ministers to churches in the Arusha area.

• For protection of ministers and evangelists and their congregations.

• More bibles to be distributed in their native language.




A Maasai congregation after their service where produce (eg eggs) is auctioned to contribute to the collection.  Members who don’t have money bring produce to contribute


Please pray for co workers to be a part of the serving undertaken in Christ’s name by the True Vine Trust.  That those in poverty will be reached to give them hope for the future, and hearts will  be open to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ, staying strong in their faith.