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News of April Visit 2013



Arrived in the early hours 9th April to RAIN. It was the rainy season with plenty of storms, (this time they couldn’t blame the mzungu ‘white person’ for the rain, it had come before I arrived)! The place where Mgutwa school is situated near Shambarai, only had a shower.

Before coming to Tanzania Boxes were packed and contents recorded ready for being flown to Tanzania to arrive during my visit. They arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport four days later, ready for clearance on the Monday.


The first few days were spent at Agape Mission International, Usa River, with the students who were preparing for exams. The student train to be Pre-school teachers, they were demonstrating in front of their fellow students the practical side of teaching. I was asked to help with the assessment, making suggestions and encouraging them. Goodness the way of teaching is so strict! The students have placements before completing their studies,  some will be self employed, setting up their own Kindergarten schools. Their graduation ceremony was on July 12th 2013.


As the rainfall had been so heavy, we were unable to access a safe route to Mgutwa because the roads were washed away and flooding to deep and dangerous, this was experienced to the poor Shogun’s cost on a couple of occasions.


We managed to arrive at Mgutwa on the 4th day having a wheel come completely of the vehicle on the way. Many hands made light work, and nuts removed of the other wheels to fix it. This happened on a flooded road, not on one that had been a dried up riverbed. The young children were having a wonderful time in the deep water and mud, quite scary to watch as the water flowed with such force.


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Agape trainee teachers