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This site updated on the 12 September  2013  


Monica Mlemeta

Completion of the first 3 classrooms in 2008

Completed classroom

Teachers accommadation





There was a real local need for a  secondary school in the area, to enable disadvantaged children to receive an education.  Monica (Kedmons spouse) is the Manager of the Mgutwa educational project. Monica negotiated with the governmental bodies the release of 50 acres of land which was assigned for the the purpose of building a school, vocational centre , health and treatment centre and for farming  20 acres of land.  


Three classrooms were  constructed in 2008, of which one is being currently used as a young mans dormitory.  An outside latrine was also constructed.  Water is obtained from a previously sunken well nearby that has sustainable water for a few months of the year.


Accommodation for  60 female students was constructed during 2009 and was occupied in 2010.  A long drop toilet block, a teachers house for 2 teachers, a separate staff room were also constructed.   Work on  a permanent kitchen facility is nearing completion (October 2011).  


The next phase for Mgutwa sec. school is to develop a complex for all people in the surrounding area which enable them to access to education, healthcare and vocational support.  


The following projects are being planned:


1.  Accommodation for teachers  (6 or more teachers)

2.  Additional classrooms (6) for many more students.

3.  Dormitories for male and female students, to accommodate 40-60 beds.

4.  Visitors house to accommodate up to 6-8 people.

5.  Multi purpose hall, for school assembly, sport activities and as a meeting area.

6.  Vocational centre, to provide training and skills for the future of young Tanzanians.

7.  Clinical and diagnostic centre for treatment and education in health issues. (will be known as the Bethany centre).


Planning permission  for the above projects have been given.  


The manager responsible for the day to day responsibilities for Mgutwa secondary high school and complex is Kedmons wife, Monica.  Monica’s responsibilities are the coordination and implementation of all aspects of the projects.  


8.  Solar  and wind power  for electricity generation.  This will allow students to study flexibly and allow the use of computers to view videos and DVDs to improve the English language and education in general.   


It is estimated that the costs of the projects outlined in 1-8 will be in the region of £100,000.




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