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This project started  as a result of requests for equipment and consumables  for Shambarai  hospital.  Since this time, the charity has been donating equipment to other hospitals in the region.   These include Mount Meru regional hospital, in Arusha, and  West Meru hospital and Themi hospital in the Arusha region.  


In  the image opposite is a presentation of a diathermy machine to the West Meru Hospital in 2008.  This hospital is situated off the busy main road from Dar es Saleem to Arusha.  Many accidents occur on this stretch of road, so this machine was invaluable for surgical procedures.    The consultant surgeon gave a speech of gratitude to work of Agape International and TVT.  


Themi hospital received donations of equipment and materials in 2004.   The government were in the process of building additional ward areas for women and children.


In 2004  Mount Meru regional hospital was visited to donate equipment and materials.


During the most recent visit (2011) Nadine visited the Mirerani government health centre (recently built)  and donated packs of surgical instruments, bandages, syringes and needles, bp monitor, clinistix and resus kits.


Dental and delivery kits are in great need in all the hospitals.







West Meru outpatients