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Support from Hathern C of E Primary School


The headmaster of the school, Michael Hoare, has encouraged pupils and staff to support TVT by fundraising e.g. paper chains for decorations, collections at harvest time and baking cakes.   In April 2011, Nadine was presented with a cheque and cash towards the Mgutwa school project.  This was greatly appreciated by TVT and Agape International.

Children at the school are very aware of those in Africa who are less fortunate than themselves, having none or limited access to water, education and healthcare.  Nadine has explained to the school the work of the TVT by means of a slide presentation and various visual aids.  The pupils dressed up as Africans, wearing the ladies ‘kanga’  and shuka (Maasai blanket), and played with a ball made from rags and plastic bags and played with a locally produced musical  instrument made from wood and strips of metal.


The school started a knitting club, knowing the students were housed in dormitories, to knit blankets for their beds, to keep them warm, and bring colour into the room.  Rosemary Worsfold and Rebecca O’Neill leads this club.   The children knit squares which are then sown together to make a blanket.  Parents, grandparents and family members and villagers of Hathern have all taken great interest and have become involved by helping with the knitting and donating of yarns for the blankets.


It is amazing and a joy to see how the young ones are interested and enthusiastic in  learning this craft.


On Nadines visit to Tanzania in October 2011 completed blankets (15 plus)  were presented to at least 12 students and 4 members of the staff at Mgutwa Sec and high school.  These blankets  touched  the hearts of those that received them.   This project is continuing with more knitters in Long Whatton offering to knit more squares for further  blankets to be sent out next year.  More students from Hathern primary, together with help from  parents and grandparents primary  continue to knit squares for the next batch of blankets to be sent out.


At night it can become extremely cold and humid as there is no glazing in the school dormitory windows where students live.  The intention is to give all the students a blanket to keep them warm at night.  The knitting project will continue until all the students have blankets.


Students have written thank you letters to Nadine for the blankets, the bibles and the school materials that were supplied as a result of  the recent visit.  A copy of one of the letters is shown here.

Nadine receiving funds raised from  the school


Group of pupils knitting their squares

The headmaster

talking to pupils  prior to the TVT presentation


A completed blanket made from the squares knitted by the pupils


PPupils at Hathern Primary school, with knitting instructors Rosemary (l) and Rebecca (rt),  who knitted blankets for students attending Mgutwa secondary High school, Tanzania  presented to the students in October 2011 (see below)

Nadine presenting blankets to students