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The Reverand canon Kedmon Mlemeta with family (Shedrack, Monica and young Abednigo)

Water pump in Nadine & Keiths garden, Long  Whatton, Leics

The Rev Kedmon Mlemeta distributing books donated by TVT to students at Usa River primary school

The Rev Kedmon Mlemeta, (left) and 2 members of the team


About us

The True Vine Trust for Tanzania is a small group of volunteers that has been serving the community of Shambarai  in the Maasai steppe, since 2000.

It  was originally founded by Nadine Hawkins as the Shambarai village project.  This project began when the Reverand Kedmon Mlemeta and family came to visit Nadine and Keith Hawkins garden in the summer of 1998, as part of Long Whatton’s Open Garden weekend.  Kedmon was at that time the vicar of the church of the Good Shepherd in Loughborough, the church that  Nadine attended regularly.  

During the garden walkabout Monica commented on the water pump in Nadines garden  and said she wished they had one in her home village of Shambarai in Tanzania.   At that moment God laid his vision on Nadine’s heart and fund raising started to provide clean water for Shambarai.   In the summer of 2000, volunteers went to Shambarai to install a mechanical hand pumps to supply clean water.   During this visit, requests were made to provide books, games, musical instruments for school and orphanages,  and critical care equipment, instruments, dressings and text-books for the hospital.  


In a subsequent  visit in 2004  to distribute goods, Kedmon, Keith and Nadine, realising there were more goods than Shambarai needed and the surplus was able  to be distributed to other hospitals, clinics,  schools and orphanages in the surrounding areas.  This led to more needs being identified and it was felt the original name should be changed to be the True Vine Trust for Tanzania  (TVT)) and charity status be applied for.  Charity status was obtained in 2008.   There are 6 trustees. Go to trustees.



The Reverand Kedmon Mlemeta is Director of Agape Missi International and is priest in charge at St James church in Arusha.  Originally, Kedmon was a teacher, became an ordained minister, was a Church Army officer , youth chaplain and a pastor of a new church (St Stephens) in Arusha.  Arusha is the largest town in the Mount Kilimanjaro diocese.   

The Reverand Kedmon Mlemeta came to England in 1996 to serve  as priest in charge at the church of the Good Shepherd, in Shelthorpe,Loughborough, Leicstershire, UK for three years.

The Leicester diocese has links with the diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Reverand Kedmon Mlemeta came to Shelthorpe to experience church and life in the community here in the UK through this connection.




TrueVineTrust is in partnership with Agape Mission International (AMI) in Tanzania.  AMI is a non profit making, non governmental and non denominational organisation.  This is an organisation involved in mission and evangelism, community development and training programs especially in computer, vocational skills, business studies and English language for  orphaned youth and those from extremely poor families.


Objectives of AMI

 To provide community development support with the purpose of taking care of physical and social needs of communities and intellectual development and bringing up the whole man.

•  To train orphans and indigent  young people in information technology, business management and vocational skills.  To equip students with the knowledge on how to be self reliant by managing their own business and also to install confidence in themselves when they become employed.

•  To facilitate exchange programs for exposure and practical learning; support to missionaries to volunteers in Tanzania.

•  To engage in mission and evangelism.



To reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, Tb and malaria by  providing screening and treatment for those who are affected.


Because of low  income and poor resources of income to pay for tests and treatment, many people will be unable to access these facilities.  A health and treatment centre at Mgutwa complex (Bethany Centre) will be built to meet the specific needs of the people in the region.